The other day I had a client who, despite her age and her coloring (some coloring and skin type ages faster than others), had quite firm and youthful skin. After I couldn’t stop complimenting her she finally divulged her secret: the mysterious moringa seed oil.

After she told me about it’s ridiculously cheap price point and who had originally recommended it to her (Space N.K. founder Nicky Kinnaird) I immediately hopped on Amazon and bought myself a bottle. Thankfully my Prime account got my new product obsession to me in less than 24 hours and of course I tried it out right away.

When I pumped a small amount into my hand, I noticed that this oil has the look and viscosity of olive oil, but when applied to the skin feels much lighter. Moringa seed oil absorbs easily and gives my skin a gorgeous glow without clogging my pores. In fact, with prolonged use moringa seed oil is reported to:

  • heal rashes, scrapes, insect bites and redness with it’s anti-inflammatory properties
  • clear and prevent pimples and blackhead because it is antiseptic
  • reduce wrinkles and improve firmness
  • tighten pores
  • purify skin and balance oil

I know those sound like some pretty lofty claims but after seeing my client’s skin, I believe it. She also mentioned to me that the reason Nicky had recommended it to her is because she noticed a lot of the super pricey products in her stores contained this oil as a key ingredient. Good to know!

Lovelies, will you be trying moringa seed oil?