In the past week, my friend Olivia and I have been rummaging amongst magazine and Internet photos for the perfect color to dye her hair. During our search, we’ve come across all types of hues, some of which range from the atrocious to the beautiful. And although I’m not thinking about dying my hair in the least bit, there are five colors that I believe would be perfect to try this fall because unlike the summer pastels, which appear light and faded, these shades are rich and deep in color.

1. Berry

This color situates itself right in between red and purple. It’s bewitching tint is refined, striking and romantic.

via Bella Vita Guiseppe

2. Gray

More and more girls are looking to dye their hair gray/silver. This color makes you look trendy, sophisticated and wise beyond your years.

via Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

3. Dark Green

This color is just subtle enough to wear with any outfit combination. The shade is so pleasing to the eye that it’s hard not find this hair color beautiful.

via Polished

4. Deep Purple

Since fall is all about neutrals and darker colors, this shade of purple is just right for the season. Its deep hue is not only fun but enticing to look at as well.

via Buzznet

5. Dark Blue

Blue is another subtle hair color. Because it is a darker hue, it can look great with any of your staple fall pieces.

via We Heart It 

Would you consider any of these rich colors for fall?