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Living in Texas, the transition from summer to fall seems to take forever. Somewhere between the beginning of football season and sipping on pumpkin spice lattes in 100 degree heat, fall manages to finally arrive. So whether the transition is gradual or overnight, here are some fun styles to wear and transition from season to season, like A Cup Of Jo‘s twisted ponytail tutorial featured above!

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Once fall rolls around, I start to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and second day hairstyles. Warm summer temperatures usually mean I’m throwing my hair up in a messy bun, but fall gives my hair a workable texture that allows for braids and waves that don’t fall flat. This casual side braid tutorial works on shorter lengths, and it’s a perfect summer style because it keeps hair off of your face! If you’re in a climate where you can enjoy cooler fall temperatures, embrace your second day hair texture and lightly curl a few strands for some added waves.

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A low bun works for medium to longer lengths and would be a perfect way to keep hair from the static that seems to accompany cool-weather layers. This easy, low-maintenance style can also be dressed up or down, and works perfectly for humid summer temperatures or cooler fall days.

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If you have longer hair, a half-up style is a great way to keep yourself cool during the last summer heat wave. Once fall rolls around, it’s a great way to add a little volume. Have a little fun and accessorize with a metallic hair clip or fun bobbi pin!

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If you’re tired of those messy updos, try a textured French roll style. This tutorial can be dressed up or down and would be a perfect second day hairstyle to try. If you have layers, pin them up with a few bobbi pins or allow them to naturally fall and frame your face.

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When I first started bookmarking hair tutorials, I was a little hesitant to try intricate, braiding styles—I just didn’t think I had the skill to pull them off! I started my adventures in braiding with this braided side ponytail tutorial and it made me comfortable with experimenting with my hair. Not only is it a great fall style, but it’s a perfect way to keep the hair off of my neck in this summer heat.

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If the hot summer months tend to cause your hair to fall flat, add a little volume with a deep side part. This style is also perfect for second day hair, especially if you’re a little self-conscious about greasiness or flat bed head. Just spritz a volumizing dry shampoo on your roots, distribute the powder with your fingers and create a deep side part.

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If you have shorter to medium length hair, experiment with different updos. Since you don’t have long hair, it will be easier to create voluminous updos without being weighed down by excess hair. I love this twisted hairstyle on the left, and it’s so easy to create—just pin some hair in place with some bobbi pins! If you’re wanting to wear a low messy bun, accessorize it with a metallic hair fastener.

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And when all else fails, don’t be afraid to don a hat. My hair tends to crave a break from all of those products and harsh sunlight during the summer, so I take advantage of the cooler temperatures and don’t wash my hair as often.

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How will you be wearing your hair from summer to fall?