As a makeup artist, the request that I hear from my clients most often is to have fresh, glowing skin. While there are some incredible foundations and highlighters on the market, nothing beats that natural glow. Here are some ways to get that ever-coveted radiant skin.

1. Skip the sugar. Or at least drastically cut back. Refined sugar not only is a major culprit for breakouts, but it also causes glycation, which basically breaks down the cells responsible for plump, glowing skin. Try to limit super sugary desserts to once a week, or if you need your daily chocolate fix (like me), have a little dark chocolate!

2. Hydrate. Drink absurd amounts of water. I'm talking a gallon a day! That's twice the recommended eight glasses a day.

3. Rethink your face cream. We all need to be moisturizing our skin (even if it is oily, or acne-prone), but a lot of moisturizers on the market simply coat the first layer of skin with hydration. Try face oils (we love pure coconut, argan, moringa, avocado and almond oil): they penetrate the skin deeply and do long-term preventative and reparative work that will keep your skin radiant.

4. Make way for moisture. While finding a face oil you love will definitely help you get that glow, it won't be anywhere near as effective (and in fact, may cause congestion and breakouts), if you aren't exfoliating regularly. I'm obsessed with Ren's Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask which is an enzymatic exfoliant that I recommend to pretty much everyone. Use it twice a week!

5. Green = Glow. Honestly, I'm not that big on juice cleanses, but I absolutely love green juices for supplementing our diets with all the wonderful skin-loving nutrients we need. A couple times a week, grab a green juice as a mid-day pick me up. You'll see a big difference in your skin!

6. Sweat. We all know that our skin looks it's best post gym-session. The best way to keep it that way is to break a sweat regularly with some cardio all while following steps one through four!

7. Abide by the wise words of Roald Dahl. I really think there is some truth to that! On the days I'm thinking most positively, I get the most compliments on my skin and eyes. If you have a hard time remembering to have good thoughts, you can buy this print to remind you!

Lovelies, what steps do you take to maintain a natural glow to your skin? 

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