Most women understand the basics of makeup, what products they like and how to apply it, but what a lot of people don’t know is the magic of makeup and the tricks you can use to your advantage…

1. Contouring and highlighting your face is an important makeup trick you should know how to do! Contouring helps shape your face, add some warmth and accentuate your cheekbones. Highlighting gives your skin an awake look and brightens up areas of the face that should be noticed. Together, contouring and highlighting can make your face look thinner and helps complete your whole makeup look.

There are two ways to contour, the first way requires a powder bronzer and an angled brush. In order to contour your cheekbones you must know where they are, so feel around and find the bone. Once you know the area you’re going to contour, make a fish face and suck in your cheeks and begin to apply the bronzer to your cheeks.

The second way of contouring your face is to use a cream bronzer or a darker foundation. This is more of a creamy and heavier look (think Kim Kardashian). Still follow the same steps above, but you can actually do your contouring and highlighting before your foundation and then blend it all together with your choice of foundation.

Highlighting is super easy and is totally optional. The recommended areas of highlight are under your eyes, your chin, forehead, top of your nose and above your mouth (cupid’s bow). Apply your concealer of choice to these areas and then blend out with your finger or beauty blender.

2. The secret to achieving full lips is super easy. To get that “Angelina Jolie” pout all you will need is a lipstick color of your choice, a matching lip liner and some concealer.  Start off with outlining your lips with the liner and go outside your natural shape to your desired full lip. Once you have everything outlined, shade in your lips. After you’re lips are colored in, apply the lipstick over the liner and clean up the edges with a flat brush and concealer. To enhance your lip shape, add a dab of a lighter lip gloss in the center of your lips to make them appear fuller.

3. If you want to make your nose look thinner, you will need to know how to contour your nose. A nose can make a huge difference in one’s appearance, and you don’t need plastic surgery to make it happen! All you will need to contour is a small blending brush, a dark bronzer/foundation and a concealer. To start off run your brush with the product down the sides of your nose (depending on how wide or narrow you wish your nose to be) and then take your concealer and run that down the middle of your nose to give off a highlight. Once your bronzer and highlighter are on your nose, take a damp beauty blender or a makeup brush and blend!

4. To make your eyes appear wider and rounder all you need is a white liner or a nude eye pencil. Fill in your waterline with the eye pencil and your eyes will look larger.

5. To get naturally thick and voluminous lashes without the falsies you will need a mascara and eyelash curler. Take your eyelash curler and curl your lashes about three times and hold them for about ten seconds each time. After they’re curled take your mascara and coat both sides of your lashes about twice. After your eyelashes are coated curl them again a couple times and then tightline with a dark black eyeliner to make your lashes appear fuller.

Lovelies, what are some of your beauty tricks?

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