A purse is a reflection of who you are. There are two types of girls in this world; girls who carry absolutely everything in their purse and girls who carry the essentials. Whichever category you fall into, these 10 items are necessities that should always stay in your bag no matter the occasion. 

1. A makeup bag is an obvious essential for your purse! A small one is preferable to store your needed makeup (and with a cute design). 2. Lip balm is great to always have on hand to keep your lips smooth and moisturized!

3. Concealer is great for touch ups since our makeup tends to fade after a certain amount of time. Concealer is a great alternative for touch ups compared to a bulky foundation! Just make sure it matches your skin tone.

4. Blotting paper is a must for my oily girls out there! T-zones usually end up looking pretty greasy after awhile so blot that face girlfriend! Blotting papers work really well on eliminating shine and oil while still keeping foundation on your face.

5. Face mist is a great way to refresh your makeup and keep your skin looking dewy and flawless.

6.  A compact mirror is an obvious must, it'll help you apply your makeup and save you time from running to the girls room just to touch up your skin.

7. Perfume is necessary to keep in your purse. You want to smell good the entire day, who knows who you can run into!

8. Hand sanitizer is an essential item for a purse! Throughout the day you're constantly touching things which can then transfer to your mouth (nail biters) or your face (face touchers!) when you sanitize you're eliminatng 99.9% of germs.

9. Hair ties can come in handy on those bad hair days and are also perfect for those bad weather days.

10. You never know when you'll need a piece of gum to keep your breath smelling fresh and approachable. For all you know you could be talking to your future husband today and you want your breath to smell like mint paradise!

Lovelies, what items do you consider purse essentials?

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