Let's face it, not everyday is a good hair day. Sometimes our hair just wants to be everything but cute or sometimes we don't have enough time in the morning to style it. Whatever your case may be, usually a bun is the answer (at least for me). Over the past year we've seen the rise of buns go from a "bummy" look to a chic and sophisticated hairstyle suitable for any event. With that in mind, I wanted to introduce you guys to some cute and unique ways to style your bun...

1. The oh-so-cute bow bun is a fun and girly hairstyle that's super easy. Below is a DIY pictorial with the four easy steps!

2. This wraparound bun is simple but elegant!

3. The low rolled bun is a chic and classic look.

4.  The lovely double braided bun is a fun take on a braid/bun hairstyle!

Lovelies, what's your favorite bun?

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