Spring has finally sprung, but many of us girls are still suffering from the pasty, flakey, and dry skin winter left behind. No matter how much makeup you wear or how many glasses of water you drink, sometimes a girl just needs something extra to reclaim that beautiful warm weather glow. Here are some easy and natural remedies to help recover from the gray winter chill.

Wake your skin up from hibernation by giving it an ice cube facial. Gently rub an ice cube wrapped in a tissue or paper towel in a circular motion around your face. The ice is actually a miracle worker for your skin. It de-puffs sleepy eyes, diminishes pimples by reducing redness and swelling and also creates a natural dewy glow while prepping skin before applying makeup. For a more luxurious experience you could also add rose, lavender or a drop of aloe vera to your ice before it is frozen for extra relaxation.

Even though there are thousands of beauty products out there to eliminate facial oil and shininess, a little shine isn’t always bad. Massaging a drop of facial oil or moisturizer into your skin increases blood flow and circulation, decreases morning eye puffiness and brightens your entire complexion. You should start by gently rubbing your cheeks in an upward circular motion working your way outwards. Make sure you don’t miss any spots!

When life gives you lemons, rub them on your face! Applying lemon juice to your face eliminates black heads, soothes dry lips and softens and brightens skin. Rubbing lemon on your face with a drop of honey cleanses and moisturizes your skin at the same time, and you can also dip a lemon wedge in sugar for added deep exfoliation. Just make sure you clean your face with cool water an hour or two after you apply the lemon to avoid irritation.

Lovelies, are you going to give these natural and easy tips a try?  

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