I don't remember how I first heard about Lipstick Queen, but I remember when I bought my first product because it was totally life changing. The color I bought is still my number 1 favorite of all time (if you frequent Lovelyish, you know that I have talked about my Medieval lipstick quite a bit). If this give you any idea how much I love this product, I am now on my 3rd tube. So anyways, I was checking out the Lipstick Queen website and they actually have a few new products I really want to try in some really surprising colors! I just love brands that specialize in just one thing, that's how you know that care a lot about their product! Check out some of the products I want to try below!

Jungle Queen (a sheer coral)

Hello Sailor (sheer blackberry)

Oxymoron Lip & Cheek in Open Secret (a romantic poppy pink)

Have you tried any Lipstick Queen products?

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