Don’t you just hate it when pictures pop up on social media somewhere, and you just cringe because oh gosh, that photo could have turned out much better. In fact, that’s weird, you felt confident that day. But still you look, just, not as good as you felt in person! Well, here’s a a few big tips that will help make all the photos taken of you more, well, you! 


If you’re a sloucher, or even if you’re not a sloucher, as soon as the camera comes out try to stand a little taller. While it may feel silly in the moment, it will not appear so dramatic later on. Instead, you’ll look less frumpy. Plus, standing up straight is a good health practice to get better posture and keep your back happy!

If you are in a position to do so, stand tall, and then roll back your shoulders. Not only will this help you stand tall, but it will make your face extend forward, lessening the opportunity for a double chin!

To further ensure there is no double chin situation, push your chin forward, then downward. This will feel awkward, and it might even look a little extreme while you are practicing in the mirror. But it will create a position that is bullet proof, so to speak, from the front.

Other suggestions:

Know what angles work best for you by practicing in the mirror. Wow, this sounds so conceited, but it’s really not! It’s simply so you’ll know how to feel confident and comfortable when friends want to take pictures. Similarly, you can try to figure out how to place your legs or hands that does not look awkward.

Now you should be more confident than ever that there won’t be any unfortunate surprises on Facebook!

Lovelies, what do you think of these tips?

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