Taking a nice warm bubble-bath is an amazing way to relax and unwind after a long stressful day. But what if there are other reasons you want to take a bath- like to relieve pain or to sooth your cold? These five items, that you possibly have in your house right, now  have amazing benefits when added to the bath for you and your body.  

1. Epsom Salt is supposed to be great when added to your bath for pain relief and to reduce inflammation. It also increases the bodies serotonin levels which is the chemical in the brain allowing your body to feel relaxation.

2. Add lemons to help shrink your pores and restore your skin, by acting as a detox and pulling toxins from your skin allowing your skin-tone to look more even.

3. Cinnamon can help to relieve skin rashes while in the bath because of it’s antiseptic properties.

4. Add milk to your bath if you have a bad sunburn or to sooth dry skin, the lactic acid in the milk breaks down the proteins that hold together dead skin.

5. If you need muscle relief or have a cold add some ginger to your bath. Ginger acts as a detox while warmed up in the bath by causing you to sweat. The sweating will pull out the toxins causing you to have a cold.

What do you like to add in your baths Lovelies?

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