Anne of Green Gables may have hated her red hair enough to try to dye it black, but I always wanted to make the switch from brunette to redhead. There’s a misconception that only fair-skinned Lovelies can go red, when really it’s all about finding the most flattering shade of red for your coloring — not everyone can go strawberry blonde, but you can find your inner redhead.


If you do have pale skin, you have several options for red shades — it very much depends on your skin’s undertones. If your skin has some more yellow undertones (like Emma Stone, above) it is best to avoid anything too vibrant. If you have a pale olive complexion, opt for brown-based reds. If you’re neutral-toned like Julianne Moore, you can pretty much have your pick of reds (lucky!). 


If you have a medium skin tone, it’s most flattering to choose warmer reds (think copper instead of scarlet). Don’t hesitate to go darker at the roots to create more contrast from your complexion. Have a dark tan? Copper highlights throughout, like Eva Longoria, may be best. Eva Mendes rocked another great example of this technique.


Rihanna‘s scarlet red hair is actually a very complementing shade for her skin — anything in the blue-red family will work. When singer-actress Ashanti dip-dyed her hair, she choose a deep burgundy for contrast.

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Lovelies, are any of you redheads (natural or not)?

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