After having long hair for most of my life, I made a decision a few weeks ago to chop it all off. While a lot of people probably think it isn't too much of a big deal, having long hair was a kind of security blanket for me. So, after chopping off over seven inches of hair yesterday, on the teary-eyed drive home from the salon, I had a bit of a meltdown... 

I know that it's just hair and there are far more serious things in the world. Truthfully, I've been managing anxiety for most of my life, and my hair has always been a strange refuge for me. When I'm nervous, I tend to twirl and twist my hair, and having it cover my arms and shoulders has always provided me with a strange sense of security. While cutting seven inches of hair off wouldn't be a big deal for everyone, it was a huge step for me.

While I'm glad that I did it, it was a rough ride home. It wasn't until two washes and stylings later that I was beginning to come around.

So if you're considering a new haircut, here are a few tips on making the most of it:

1. Don't make any decisions on whether or not you like it until you've washed and styled it yourself.

On my way home from the salon, I was kind of in shock. I hated the way it flipped out in the back and I really didn't like the layers in the front. After washing my hair and styling it myself once I got home, I realized that I just wasn't a fan of how my stylist had fixed it!

2. Experiment with different ways that you can wear it.

Once I had finished styling my new haircut, I started changing up the part and experimenting with various updos and messy buns. All of the previously-hated fringe looked great when my hair was in a messy bun, and that awkward hair flip in the back turned out to look pretty cool when it was in a teeny-tiny ponytail. You never know, some of the things about your new haircut that you find annoying could actually look really cool just in a different style than you're used to wearing! Explore your options!

3. If you're cutting a lot of hair off, keep product usage in mind.

You're not going to be using the same amount of product as before, so keep that in mind when you're styling. This can save you a lot of headache when you're out of the shower and attempting to style your hair. If you went for a textured look and you previously wore your hair long and straight, explore some new products.

Have you recently chopped off all of your hair? Any tips you'd like to share on getting used to it?