Fuller lips have always been a quality that women wish to have. If you don't have full lips and want them don't worry... no surgery or tingly pluming glosses are necessary. Just follow these six easy steps to fuller lips, you don't need to even do all of them, just pick and choose. 


1. Exfoliate- This not only makes your lips smooth and ready for product, it also increases blood flow making your lips appear pouty-er

2. Contour your bottom lip- By taking a small amount of bronzer on a small fluffy brush and applying it under the middle of your bottom lip, it will create a shadow that makes it look as if your bottom lip is fuller and again, pouty-er

3. Highlight- Take a concealer stick and apply this to the middles of your lips, this will make these parts stand out more creating a fuller appearance. Also take a highlight powder and dust a little on the cupids bow of your upper lip

4. Use Brown Liner- Lightly using a brown lip-liner to trace your lips and then any other lip-liner color to blend that out will create a subtle gradient that makes your lips look naturally full

5. Apply lipstick- Adding lipstick (neutral or color) will automatically give your lips-a little something extra making them look fuller

6. Gloss- Either apply gloss all over your lips to give off a shiny full effect, or apply a golden-ish gloss to only the center of your lips

What are your tips for fuller lips Lovelies?

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