I am a serious culprit of hitting the snooze button. I relish in the minutes that I have staying cozy under the covers and going over a daily to-do list in my head, and more often than not, I am too comfortable to get out of bed until the last possible minute. My roommates can attest to the fact that nearly every morning I’m always scrambling around doing my hair and makeup, running between my room and the bathroom. My go-to hairstyle on days like these is a sleek tight ponytail. It’s simple and works perfectly with my naturally poker-straight hair. Here are steps on how you can get my favorite quick hair look. 

1. Brush out any kinks from the night before- I know it’s supposed to be bad for your hair, but most of the time I sleep with it pulled back to keep away from my face and the acne medication I put on nightly. Some mornings my hair has some serious bumps that need a little maintenance with a paddle brush.

2. Apply a smoothing cream- Whenever I dry my hair I put in Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to keep it manageable. I like using a serum because it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. When I do this style, I like to add a little extra conditioning to my hair so I rub in Organix Moroccan Blow Out Cream. It stays sleek all day while providing my hair with some much needed TLC.

3. Pull hair up using a boar bristle brush- A tightly packed boar bristle brush gets every hair in place and allows for the sleek pulled back look that this style requires. Try a Vermont Country Store brush that’s made with 100%  boar bristle so it’s extra gentle on hair. Once you get your hair back to a tightness you’re comfortable with, secure with a elastic.

4. Spray the brush with hairspray- To tame fly-aways or little “baby hairs,” as I call the short pieces that frame my forehead, I spray my brush with hairspray and gently smooth over the front of my pony. Honestly, I use whatever spray is lying around, but I especially love the scent of Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hairspray.

I love doing this quick style when I’m running late. It always brings a lot of attention to my face so most of the time I like to pair it with bold winged liner or a bright lip. It looks just as great with a simple fresh face.

Lovelies, what are some of your tips for quick hair dos? Would you wear this sleek style?  

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