I am very particular about my hair. If I don’t feel confident or I’m not feeling my best on any particular day, if my hair looks good it makes me feel a little bit better. So when I go to the hair salon and it turns out not how I planned… I get pretty upset. I’ve had a ton of issues at the hair salon from cutting way too short — to dying my hair black when I wanted a light chestnut brown. With all these issues I’ve had in the past I get pretty skeptical about going to the hair salon when I finally am happy with how my hair looks

Before Saturday I had not gone to the hair salon in over two years-I know crazy right? But I had finally got “the perfect ombre” (or so I thought) and I was scared of ruining it. Also I was scared that any hair dresser would want to chop half of my hair off because…well let’s just face it I hadn’t gotten a trim in over two years–so my hair was dead.

In 2011 I went completely blonde (after a horrible incident while trying to lighten my brunette hair and somehow it ended up being black). I loved the blonde hair for a while but then I realized how unnatural it looked on me. I felt I needed a softer look, something more natural… more me. I think of myself and style as beachy and relaxed… the blonde hair was just too much maintenance for me. So I basically just took the ombre look into my own hands and just never went back to get my roots touched up… for a long time. People would ask me all the time where I got my hair done, and I would have to respond with the weird explanation of no-one… I just never went to fix up my roots. My DIY ombre looked actually really good for about a year, the blonde grew out really nicely and fell right into the ombre trend.

However recently I noticed that my ombre was looking pretty messy. It had been so long that just the very ends of my hair was the blonde shade and the rest was a really dark brown. It did not flow how it once did from the dark, to medium to light. The ends of my hair where also so very dead and damaged from being long overdue of a trim.

So this past Saturday, I ended my over two-year long streak of boycotting the hair salon. I am so happy I did. I went with a new young hair dresser that I used to work with. She was so great, listened to everything I wanted and was conscious of the fact that I didn’t want her to chop all of my hair off but I desperately needed a trim.

I love how she freshened up my ombre and made it blend so perfectly. She also added soft layers and trimmed a tad, so that it is not even noticeable. But what is noticeable is how much healthier and lively my hair looks. I am so glad I finally decided I needed some help with my hair and went. I will no longer be waiting over two-year long intervals to get trims and touch ups.

Whats the longest you’ve boycotted the hair salon for Lovelies?

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