Since I started wearing makeup, I have always applied my foundation with my fingers. Until recently at least — when I started applying with a sponge. Not only did my skin look more natural, I stopped breaking out as much! It's crazy that such a tiny fix could make such a difference! Here are 4 foundation mistakes we all make — but shouldn't.

1. Testing the color on your hand.

Test the color on your jaw line, around the nose and under the eyes to find your perfect match. If you choose to buy your foundation at Sephora, you can utilize Sephora’s Pantone Color IQ service. An employee holds a gadget to your cheek and forehead and in a snap your skin tone is matched to foundations throughout the store (that is pretty cool).

2. Applying concealer under your foundation.

Concealers purpose is to add additional coverage to problem spots your foundation didn't cover. When you up foundation over concealer it just smears it around undoing all the concealing you just did!

3. Covering your entire face with foundation.

Use where needed, not all over your face. The less you use, the more natural it looks. Pay attention to redness around the nose, dark under eye circles and any blemishes.

4. Applying foundation with your fingers.

Not only are you adding additional bacteria and oil to your skin, applying with your fingers ill leave harsh foundation lines on your skin! Use a sponge or a brush instead.

Are you guilty of any of these?

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