Getting your brows waxed or threaded is great if you have someone you trust, but personally, I have a hard time finding anyone who knows how to do my brows how I like them. This is why I just tweeze my brows myself at home. Brow grooming may seem a little intimidating or even impossible to some, but with this easy trick you can be a pro!

First you want to trim your brows — not too short! That could make them stubby and not have the ability to lay right. Just use a brow comb to trim down any super-long ones.

Then, for the genius part: before doing any tweezing, fill in your eye brows with a pencil or brow powder and try to make them as symmetrical as possible. Then, use a concealer and brush to tightly trace around where you filled in your brows. Now it's time to tweeze! Just take out all the hairs that lie in the concealer.

I can't take credit for this awesome trick though. I'm a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown and the other day I had the pleasure of receiving a super intensive brow training from a member of Bobbi's Beauty Team, Tanya Cropsey, who taught me this wonderful trick. I tried it on myself and some clients and it made my life so much easier!

Lovelies, do you tweeze your brows at home or get them done at the salon? 

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