I have a serious problem when it comes to nail polish. I am not sure how or when it even started, but somehow I have amassed a collection of colors that could be used to run a small nail salon out of my apartment where all the clientele really likes dark colors or faded neutrals. It has gotten so bad that I do not even know all the colors I have. One time I came home happy with my most recent Essie purchase only to find that I already had an unopened bottle standing amongst my collection.

Although I have come to terms with my addiction, I have yet to find a proper solution for it and cannot help but always be on the lookout for new polishes to add to my stock. Here is my most recent wish list.

1. Essie in Armed & Ready $8.50

2. Essie in Lacy Not Racy $8.50

3. Nicole by OPI in Taupe Of My Class $7

4. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Jungle Gem $7.50

5. Orly in Jealous Much? $5

6. Ulta in Howl At The Moon $2 (sale)

What nail polishes are you most excited to buy?

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