By now we know that regular primping and grooming is well-deserved, but when your bathroom resembles more of a frat house urinal than a luxury day spa it’s natural to just want to do the necessities and get out. Use the following tips to turn your bathroom into a space that you’ll want to lounge and luxuriate in. You’re worth it!

1. Paint. Sounds like a lot just for a bathroom, but keep in mind that bathrooms are small and painting will be much faster and easier! Soothing soft blues and greens are the best choice.

2. Swap your shower head. Getting a swanky shower head with a bunch of different massage settings will take your bathroom to the next level.

3. Splurge on towels. I have a pretty bad habit of keeping towels around until they turn to shreds. Not only will new, fluffy towels feel super luxurious, they’ll also look super classy stored on your towel rack.

4. Load up on candles. Most of the time when I’m buying candles, it’s rare that I’m thinking, “This’ll be a great one for the bathroom!”, but three or four candles can make your space feel super spa-like. When you’re taking a bubble bath, light all your candles, turn out the lights and relax!

5.  Use spa-like products. Don’t let your bathroom get cluttered with a bunch of store-brand bottles. This isn’t to say you have to splurge on actual spa products — instead store all of your favorite products in pretty glass containers like the ones above from Anthropologie. [via All Women Stalk]

Lovelies, what do you do to make your bathroom more luxurious?

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