Trying to grow your hair out can be a real pain. If you're going for a different look,, why not create a few illusions while you're waiting for your hair to grow? Here are a few ways to make your hair look longer now...  

Try the ponytail trick.

By creating an illusion using two ponytails, your hair can grow in the matter of seconds. First, section off hair and create a pony right in the back of your head.  Make sure this section has a bit more hair. Next, take the rest of your hair and put it into a lower pony right underneath the other one and cover it with the hair of the first tail.

Straighten those curls.

If you have curly hair especially, straighten hair for a longer length. Even girls with straight hair should use a flat iron to increase length because it will diminish a ton of frizz that could add length to your ends.

Wear a top knot!

Wearing your hair in a top knot (especially with a hair donut) can create the illusion that there's more hair wrapped in a bun.

Wear it half up, half down.

Even with the shortest of hair, this look is great for making your hair look like it has more length. Just section off two pieces of hair and ponytail the top half by the crown of the head, like Kate Middleton above. [via Beauty High]

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Have you tried any of these tricks?

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