Truthfully, I used to avoid liquid eyeliner — it seemed so difficult to pull off (and keep on). I finally ventured outside of my comfort zone, and I’m so glad that I did, because now I wear it every single day. If you’re trying to make yourself a little more comfortable with applying liquid eyeliner, here are a few things to remember… 

1. You need to let it dry.

Always struggling with a case of liner in your crease? Maybe you’re not letting the liquid eyeliner dry for a long enough time after applying. Keep your eyes closed (and thus, the liner from being pressed against your lid) for at least 30 seconds after applying to let the liquid dry.

2. Primer helps. 

Whether you use eye primer or just concealer, priming your lids before using liquid liner will help to hold the liner in place, and will keep the rest of your lid from becoming greasy and picking up color where it shouldn’t be.

3. Go to your inner corner.

Especially if you’re going for a cat eye, line your upper lid all the way into the inner corner to make your eyes look extra wide.

4. Seal it with powder. 

Once you draw on the shape of the liner you want, you can seal it in place by using an angled eyeliner brush and a powder eyeshadow over the liner.

5. Apply before mascara.

Applying liquid liner after mascara can tend to displace your lashes, which can cause clumps. Use the liquid liner before applying mascara, and if you feel like you’ll get stray mascara marks on your lid, hold a business card or plastic spoon up over your lid to guard it from marks. [via Beauty High]

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