There have been countless debates whether the ombre trend is "in" or not, but I am still a massive fan.  Or maybe it's because I have been living vicariously through girls with long hair.  After months of impatiently waiting, my hair has finally grown out to a shoulder length style.  I'm still apprehensive about attempting the look, so I've been researching some inspiration before booking my next appointment at the salon. 

Well, okay, to be honest, the first thing I noticed about this look was her boots! I'm dying to know where they're from.  That's besides the point. Let's focus on her adorable hairstyle.  I really love that her ombre is very blatant and stands out against the effortless waves.

Both of these are a little longer than my hair at the moment, but I love the angled bob.  The balayage technique looks great against the medium brown color.

Lily Collins always look so chic and I love that she's one of the few young celebrities proudly wearing a shorter style. This ombre is definitely more subtle than most, but provides just the right amount of blonde to give the simple blunt cut a pop of color.

These face framing highlights make this ombre a little different than most.

Lovelies, what do you think of the ombre trend on shorter hair? Which look do you prefer? 

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