After discussing the best way to maintain healthy skin with my esthetician of many years, she mentioned something I found rather interesting and noteworthy. Her advice was to, “Always go to bed with your hair up because the oils from your hair can be transferred onto your cheeks and forehead during the night.” The best way to ensure that your hair doesn’t unintentionally cause oil and in turn create bacteria in your skin is to go to bed with your hair in a ponytail or pulled back in some fashion.

Although wearing your hair up is best for your skin, you should also be aware that tying the ponytail too tight may cause your hair to fray or diminish in volume over time. Hairdressers advise that one should go to bed with your hair down to allow the hair to relax over night.

One way to make sure that you don’t damage your hair is to use a nice scrunchy or hair tie, which won’t place too much stress on your lovely locks. When tying your hair up, don’t pull or place too much strength onto your hair. It’s important to be mindful about how tight the actual ponytail is; the looser the better.

Personally, I have very fine hair and if I were to pull it up every night then there would be breakage that I couldn’t hide. The solution I came up with is to wear my hair loosely off of my face, preferably tied back with a soft ponytail holder to minimize the chance of hair damage. Trying to create a balance is hard to do in this instance, maintaining lush hair and oil free skin.

Tonight, try going to bed with your hair loosely tied back and then see if that makes a difference in your morning routine when you go to wash your face.

Do you go to bed with your hair up or down?

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