You all know by now that I have a passion for all natural products, but I also extremely curious about beautifying ingredients in their most natural form! Today I want to explain essential oils and their benefits. 

We have all heard the term 'essential oils', but what are they really? Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the various parts of plants. They are non-water based phytochemicals made of volatile aromatic compounds that provide aromatherapeutic and medicinal benefits. [via doTERRA]

Now that we know a bit about them, let's talk about which ones are beneficial to certain skin and hair types.

Clary Sage — Essential oil of clary sage is great for dry skin, oily skin and for combatting wrinkles. For hair, it's great for speeding up hair growth.

Geranium — Geranium essential oil is indicated for all skin types and can be implemented into anyone's skincare routine. It's also great for dry hair and enhancing hair growth.

Lavender — Lavender essential oil is also great for all skin types and all hair types; it's soothing and calming.

Peppermint — Peppermint oil is beneficial to oily skin and hair.

Sandalwood — Sandalwood essential oil is another oil that's good for dry, oily and wrinkle-prone skin and helps with dry hair.

Tea Tree — Tea tree is great for zapping zits, keeping oil at bay and ridding your scalp of dandruff.

Ylang Ylang — For skin, ylang ylang essential oil helps with firmness and elasticity of the skin in addition to supporting healthy hair growth.

To implement essential oils into your beauty routine is easy. You can simply add a couple of drops into your favorite products and use them as normal, or you can add several drops to a 'carrier oil' such as jojoba or coconut oil and apply sparingly to face, hair and scalp.

Lovelies, do you have a favorite essential oil? 

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