Nothing makes me feel more glamorous than when I'm wearing an amazing set of false lashes that no one can tell are real. On the other hand, nothing makes me feel more ridiculous than wearing a pair of false lashes that are coming up in the corner of my eyes because I put them on wrong and people keep pointing out that my eyelashes are falling off.

I'll be the first to admit, putting on fake lashes is freaking hard! After years of practice, I kind of have the hang of it thanks to this amazing tutorial. 

There are a ton of different forms of false lashes. There are full strips, half strips, individuals, lower lashes natural, ultra dramatic... it's enough to make your head spin, and a spinning head makes it even more difficult to apply lashes!

I love that this video exemplifies the way to apply every single type of lash.

Lovelies, are you any good at applying your own fake lashes? What do you think of this tutorial video? 

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