Remember waking up this morning and washing your face with soap and water? Me neither. Our society has become obsessed with finding the best face scrubs and washes. When there are five brands that have the same wash, it's hard not to get caught up in the madness. But, there's always that "hallelujah moment" when you find the one that works perfectly. It gets rid of your acne without drying out your face and makes your skin super soft. All you have to do is squeeze some on your hand, lather it on, and rinse it off, right? Wrong. Even the best face wash doesn't work to it's full potential if you skip this one crucial step! (It's not even listed on the bottle!)

The biggest mistake that you probably make? Not washing your hands first!

Let's think about it: we probably wash our hands about five or six times throughout the course of a day, right? Probably sometime before you eat and when you go to the restroom. In between all of those times, we touch countless doorhandles, computer keyboards, and elevator buttons. Do we really want the gross germs and bacteria that we've encountered during the day mixed with our face wash and then applied to our skin? No way.

Remember to do a quick hand wash before washing your face from now on and see the difference!

How many of you Lovelies were making this mistake?

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