Every fall, I tend to give up on my hair. It becomes full of static, dry and a little dull. This season, now that I have a great hair oil in my arsenal and tons of cute hair accessories, I'm determined to make this season different. Here's what's inspiring my hairstyle this season... 

My trusty hair donut can typically be found at the tip-top of my head when it's in use. This season, I think I'll be lowering it a bit, so that it can be touching a scarf or larger coat. Also, how cool is that bun cage? It's so dainty and simple!

This season, I'll be retiring my hair straightener and embracing my hair's natural texture.

... And that means embracing that second-day texture, as well. I'm sure that washing my hair every day while it's cooler outside isn't doing it any favors in the moisture department.

Not only will I be lowering my top knots a bit — I'll be lowering my second-day messy buns, as well! This hairstyle looks effortless and great with a sweater. No static here!

And on those days I'm feeling a little ambitious with a hair curler, I plan on embracing those messy second-day waves instead of bundling them up in a bun!

What's inspiring your hairstyle this season?

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