For a majority of African American women, hair strength and health are very important. However, most hair tutorials we see on Pinterest or magazine websites don’t necessarily cater to our hair types. I know from personal experience that having healthy hair is ten times more important than length or thickness. So, I’ve decided to share my favorite African American hair blogs/vlogs so that you guys know how to keep your hair healthy and strong too!

Beauty By JJ

Ever since VEVO took over, I’ve become hesitant about going on YouTube. (Everything moves so much slower and nothing has improved! But, I digress…) However, I do have to say that I’m never disappointed when I check out Beauty By JJ’s uploads. I’ve always been a fan of ombre so when I was doing research, her name popped right up. Jennie Jenkins a.k.a. JJ, comes from the UK and has tons of tips and tricks to keep your hair looking great without all the damage!

Black Hair Kitchen

I’ve you’ve never browsed this site, you definitely need to. The site itself is broken into three main groups: natural, relaxed, and weave. There is tons of information for all three types of hair as well as beauty tips and tutorials! My favorite section would have to be “hair science.” This section goes into depth about how your eating habits can affect your hair health, and the best rinses to replenish your damaged hair.

Curly Nikki Hair Therapy

I myself am not natural, nor would I contemplate transitioning, but I do know that there are many African American women who want to. If you are natural, currently transitioning, or even thinking about making that transition, I would seriously advise you to check out her blog! She’s got tons of tips, her own personal hair story, product recommendations, and so much more. “Curly Nikki” also branches away from hair from time to time to shout out her followers, write about physical health, give us a little peak into her personal health!

What are your favorite black hair blogs, Lovelies?

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