Widows peak hair lines are certainly unique, but unfortunately can be a little difficult to style. I have a widows peak, and for years struggled with how to style it and often wished I didn’t have it at all! Now I love and embrace my individual hair line and have learned a few things about styling it along the way. 

Firstly, it’s important to tame your hairline. For the most part, women with widows peaks have a cowlick at the front of their hairline, which seems pretty intimidating but is actually quite easy to control. While your hair is wet, simply blow dry the front top section of your hair (the one closest to the hair line) against the direction of the cowlick. After doing this for some time it will get easier and easier and will possibly tame it altogether to where you barely need to blow dry it.

Next, if you’re looking to showcase your widows peak, which I highly recommend, try the following hair styles:

Parting your hair down the middle is by far the best way to flaunt your widows peak. This can be a little difficult given the cowlick situation, but I promise if you tame it as mentioned above, it gets better.

Wearing it straight is even more dramatic.

Obviously, wearing your hair up and back is a great way to show off your widows peak.

This french braided style on Kourtney Kardashian, who is practically the widows peak poster girl, seems to really showcase this unique hair line.

On the other hand, if you’re self conscious about your widows peak and looking to conceal it, whatever you do, DO NOT opt for a blunt, straight bang. Speaking from personal experience, it is just a huge, labor intensive disaster. Side swept bangs can hide your widows peak just as well, and will fall naturally into place.

Personally, I love embracing my widows peak which was passed down to me from my mom from my beautiful grandma!

Lovelies, how do you style your widows peak? 

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