We're always looking for more inspiring pinners to fill our Pinterest feed, and these users are definitely getting the job done. If you're looking to make your Pinterest feed a bit more inspiring (and educational!), here are a few pinners that I'm proudly following... 

Ban.do, All Dolled Up

Ban.do is one of my absolute favorite stores. And their Pinterest board is just as much fun as their accessories line. Whether you need a pick-me-up, ideas of Halloween costuming or you just enjoy looking at girly, over-the-top looks, you're guaranteed to find something pretty amazing here.

Kristin Ess, oh you know. it pays the bills.

This hair inspiration board is full of amazing hair ideas and inspiration, which is nothing less than I'd expect from the co-founder of The Beauty Department.

Hair Romance, BIG Hair Romance

If you're feeling voluminous waves and enormous hair, this is the board for you. I'm warning you though, you're not going to want to browse this board without a backcomb ready.

Dree Harper, {Primping}

Check out what's inspiring this Refinery 29 editor in terms of hair and beauty. You're guaranteed to find something that strikes your fancy.

Joanna Goddard, Hair

If you love A Cup Of Jo, then you're going to be head over heels for her Hair board, as well! Browse tons of low-key and braided hairstyles, and even some shorter cuts that will have you questioning your long locks. There are also links to her great hair tutorials that are featured on her blog!

Beauty Bets, DIY Beauty

You know those super-informative pins that always have the recipe RIGHT THERE when you need it, instead of clicking through tons of links in hopes that you'll find the amazing recipe you were promised? Beauty Bets' DIY Beauty board is all that and more. If you're looking for a fun concoction to whip up this weekend, or if you're looking to banish those blemishes/oil/etc. for good, try some of these tutorials!

Beth Kirby, Locks


Forget hair tutorials and tacky dye-jobs — this gorgeously-curated board is a dream.

Who are some of your favorite pinners on Pinterest?

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