I'll be honest, when I first saw this trend I was a bit iffy about it. Sure, professional models can pull off black lipstick, but isn't it their job to make basically anything they wear look appealing to the rest of us? The uncertainty I felt was whether black lipstick could be rocked by the average woman.

I do have to say, model/blogger Nikia Phoenix does present some compelling arguments for why we should at least try this look out.

But if we wear black clothes, black boots, and black eyeliner, who says we shouldn't give black lipstick a try. [via Model Liberation]

I know I most certainly own my share of dark/grey clothes, I wear black combat boots like its my job and I feel naked without my black eyeliner. So then, I wondered to myself why black lipstick couldn't make its way into my look as well (well, at least for a day).

Check out Nikia Phoenix's blog Model Liberation as she talks more about her look and the inspiration behind it!

Lovelies, what are your thoughts on black lipstick for fall?

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