Eyeshadow is hands down, my favorite makeup weapon of choice. As a diligent pupil of all things beauty, I’m always looking to learn more and improve my understanding of eye makeup application. I recently came across this eye-opening article that shed some serious new light on my basis of eyeshadow knowledge. Turns out, there are three proto eyeshadow shapes. Every eyeshadow look created is an elaboration of one of these three techniques for placing eyeshadow…

The Italian

This is the Marilyn Monroe-inspired shape that widens the face and gives a feeling of openness to the eyes. It is particularly flattering eye look on narrow, angular faces. It is also a very pretty way to show off eyelashes. Eyelashes will stand out against the lighter part of the eyelid and blend into the darker part, visually thickening them.

The Technique

The Italian is simply light color on the inside and dark color on the outside of the eye. This look is applied to the mobile eyelid — the part that moves up and down when you blink — and slightly upward onto the immobile eyelid.

The Halo

The Halo is is probably the most instinctive eye shadow shape and is the proto of the most mysterious eye look in existence: SmokyIt reveals and conceals with light and shadows. Because it darkens and shortens the eye area, it is more flattering on rounder faces with larger eyes for a more proportional effect.

The Technique

This look clothes the eye in a wash of color. One color is applied in a sweeping motion over the entire mobile eyelid. Visually, it recesses the eyelid and brings out the eye itself. An effective way of bringing out the color of the iris is to opt for a complementary eye shadow shade

The Banana

This look follows the natural contours of the eye, it flatters all face shapes and creates definition in the eye socketIt gives the illusion of height and dimension to the face. The Banana highlights the protruding elements of the eye — the brow and the mobile eyelid — while receding the concave crease of the eye.

The Technique

The Banana consists of a light eyeshadow shade on the entire mobile eyelid with a darker shade just behind it on the immobile eyelid. The dark shade creates a narrow curved shape like a banana. The light shade is then applied underneath the brow bone without blending into the “banana” of the darker shade. [via xoVain]

Be sure and check out the source for more details and photos on each of these looks!

Lovelies, which technique do you favor when applying eyeshadow? 

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