Every skin and face shape has different colors and techniques that work specifically for it and every woman has her own beauty regime. I think that those subtleties are my favorite thing about makeup application and techniques. There is never a right answer but sometimes there are helpful hints. Being Asian, I have learned some specifically for my personal facial features and skin tones.


Using black eyeliner for any type of eye is a way to make eyes stand out and this remains true with the almond shaped eyes. I also think using the natural curve of the eye to make the slight flick at the corner works the best with Asians. When it comes to the bottom water line, I tend to stay away from darker liners and instead I will use a light brown powder swiped across there. One great trick is to use white eyeliner at the tear duct to give the illusion of bigger eyes.


Asians can get away with the most amazing bright eyeshadow and that is fact! As you may know if you’re Asian though is that eyeshadow never stays on! Every time I blink while applying eyeshadow, I suddenly have a colorful mess on my eye. In order to avoid that, always have primer on hand. I also think that applying a darker color at where you think the crease should be is the way to go and that using stickers to get the double crease isn’t worth it. I can hardly tell when they are applied and I think almond shaped eyes look just as good without the crease.


Many Asians subscribe to the idea that fake eyelashes look best on them. While I do admit they look good, investing in a detail eyelash curler can be just as expensive. I don’t know about you, but I can never get eyelash curlers to curl all of my eyelashes due to the shape of my eye so I have gotten a curler that is smaller and can thus be used to get every eyelash that is hard to reach. It’s quicker and cheaper that applying false lashes. The false lashes do create a weight on the eyelid though that sometimes makes an epicanthal fold appear.


Peach Blush! This color should be the go to tone for every Asian with yellow undertones in their skin!


Eyebrows are usually sparse on almost any women so it’s important to fill them. I never use black though and I only use powder. I don’t want my eyebrows to be the most prominent feature on my face so while I fill them in, I make sure they aren’t too dark or thick. That being said, plucking eyebrows is necessary due to the dark hair color being against a light skin tone. If you’ve never plucked your eyebrows before or it has been awhile, go to a professional first and then just always pluck to that pre-made shape.

Some of the best YouTube video tutorials for Asian makeup I use include Pursebuzz, Bubzbeauty, and Michellephan.

Lovelies, what advice do you have for your skin type and ethnicity? 

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