While beautiful skin is a result of good skin care and nutrition, even the most “flawless” of faces require a bit of concealing here and there. Different complexion concerns require different kinds of concealer formulations and application techniques, so check out how to conceal just about anything!

Darkness and Discoloration

To cover scars or dark spots, you’ll need a heavy concealer, a lifting concealer, a Beautyblender or sponge and loose powder. Start by applying the heavy concealer over the entire area of discoloration or scarring. When it comes to areas of discoloration, you’ll want to apply a light layer of lifting concealer to brighten up any darkness. Dampen your Beautyblender or sponge and dip it into your loose powder. Use this to blend your concealer and then set the area with a light dusting of loose powder.

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Use a green concealer to counteract any redness in blemishes, concentrating it in the center of the redness and blending outward. You want to make sure that the concealing is most concentrated in the center of the blemish and that you keep the product thin towards the outer edges so that your application looks natural. Use a clean finger to dab a concealer of your skin tone over top and set with a small brush and loose powder.

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Dark Circles

To conceal under eye circles its important to keep three things in mind: You want to use an oil-based concealer to keep your under eye skin hydrated, you need to find a pink or peach based concealer to counteract the blue under your eyes and select brightening formulations!

Covering under eye circles is the perfect time to use a highlighting powder. Use your finger to dab on a brightening concealer to the inner corner of your eye and blend it out towards to outer edge of your eye. Dampen a Beauty Blender or sponge, dip it into a loose highlighting powder and dab and blend it with your concealer. Use a small brush to dust a little more of the highlighting powder under your eye to prevent creasing. [via Refinery29]

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Lovelies, what are some of your favorite concealers? 

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