As I've mentioned many times before, fall is a tricky season in Texas. It's pretty hot, but there are still a few chillier (mid-70s) days where you see people in scarves. What the what? Either way, I'm starting to stockpile some hair inspiration for work and play, and I'm practicing them like crazy on my days off and work mornings where I'm feeling a little adventurous. 

I'm always down to wear a top knot, but I always keep it pretty neat. I love the way this messy top knot looks! I'll definitely be getting a little careless with my updos this upcoming season.

I've been wearing charm bracelet hair at the Kate Spade shop lately, and I think I'll be carrying this season-to-season. I'm going to change up my color palettes just a bit with a neutral yet shiny piece. I love this crystal crush bobbi in blush from!

I love how high, voluminous and messy this ponytail is. While some people may think that ponytails are reserved for warmer weather, as a long-haired gal, it's so much easier to layer when your hair is out of the way!

I'm loving this look on Kiki Dunst! I'll definitely be wearing loose curls and a red lip this upcoming season.

I was running late to work the other day and didn't get a chance to wash my hair that morning. While I was a little grossed out for most of the day, I finally realized how textured my hair was! I think once the weather cools off a little, I'll be more open to messy braids for second-day hair.

Will you be changing up your hair style a little this upcoming season?

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