If you’re like me, then you get giddy whenever a product you own can be used for alternative cures and solutions. But usually when you think of deodorant, your mind doesn’t wander much past the bounds of keeping your arm pits dry and smelling fresh. So I can bet my bottom dollar most of you Lovelies haven’t used your deodorant like THIS before.

1. Works Against Shoe Rubbing

I can’t think of more of a let down than the one you get after making a high-five worthy purchase of shoes only to find that wearing them causes your skin to rip off your feet. Combat that shoe rubbing by slicking some deodorant onto the sides of the shoe.

2. Tames Hair Struck By Heat

Summer isn’t over yet which means neither is the heat and moisture that comes with the season. All you need to do to prevent your hair from acting up is spread a thin layer of deodorant along your hairline (and neck if needed). I wish I knew this trick sooner, it could have saved many unfortunate souls from having to experience my unwieldy Medusa moments.

3. Kills Pimples

If you’re like me then your face breaks out on that oh so special time of the month on cue. Dabbing some deodorant on your pimples will actually expedite the process of getting rid of them by pulling out the moisture.

4. Relieves Itching From Bug Bites

I bet you thought slathering calamine lotion all over your body was the only route to recovering from these pesky pecks. Think again. It turns out that a simple stroke of the deodorant across your skin can have the same effect. Who would’ve thought?

5. Fights Against Chub-Rub

If the phrase “chub-rub” holds no significance in your life then I envy you. When I run on the treadmill the brushing of my inner thighs against each other is enough friction to start a small forest fire. Luckily, slathering some deodorant on fights the dreaded rubbing of the chub.

Note: The aforementioned only work if your deodorant is an antiperspirant.

Lovelies, are you going to try using your deodorant for any of the above alternative uses?

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