There’s no questioning that beauty is my life’s passion. While I love a bold lip and a fierce cat eyeliner, to me makeup that showcases beautiful, flawless, radiant skin is the epitome of beauty.

In my recent beauty wishlist post, I mentioned that I’m yet again experiencing some skincare woes. Thanks, sweat, pollution and sunscreen clogging my pores! I’m dead set on regaining my once nearly-flawless complexion, and I’m using these photos as inspiration!

And while they’re great for inspiration, looking at pretty pictures isn’t gonna clear up my skin! Here’s my blemish-banishing plan of action:

  1. DRINK MORE WATER! I already drink a pretty decent amount of water, but I really need to up the ante to detox my skin.
  2. While we’re on detoxifying drinks, I definitely need to find some room for green tea in my diet. I used to drink it every day, and you could definitely see it in my skin. Believe it or not, a hot cup of tea didn’t really appeal too much to me in these summer months, but I need to figure out some iced alternatives til things cool down a bit.
  3. Keep my hair OFF my face. I have to admit, I’ve gotten pretty lazy about that. While I love my Morrocanoil products, I find that my skin gets pretty broken out when I use them and accidentally let my hair sit on my face.
  4. DO NOT PICK CURRENT BLEMISHES! You’d think after over 12 years of having acne, 3 years as a professional makeup artist and a lifetime of being a well-educated female with common sense, I would have learned to not pop, poke and pick at blemishes. I am the WORST about this, but it has to stop. I’ve seen one zit turn into six this past week, and I can’t help but think (know) it is the fact that I’m spreading bacteria all over my face with my janky lil paws, irritating up a storm on this poor face of mine.

I’m already really good about cleaning my face every night and doing clarifying treatments, so that’s pretty much it. Not too complicated!

Lovelies, what do you do to keep your skin clear?

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