I am never satisfied with just one lip color. I am constantly looking for perfect lipsticks in every shade. I thought about the darker, more saturated colors we are going to be seeing in fashion this Fall and I wanted to compile a list of lip colors that I think would compliment any look you are going for. I went from nude to plum, to corals and peach. Any color you are thinking of adding to your makeup arsenal this Autumn, I have the perfect shades for you. I made sure to stay away from lip colors that were all trend and no substance. Any of the lipsticks I picked you could easily bring into Winter with no problem, maybe even Spring. That’s what I love about these lip shades the most, they are perfect for any season. Have a look at these 7 lipstick winners and tell me what you think!

Chanel Rouge Coco in Mystique is a fabulous everyday coral.

Oversized Orange Lip Colour Balm by Clinique is the perfect soft peach.

Dame Lip Lacquer by Michael Kors is a stunning dark plum that I want so bad!

This is the best nude lipstick ever! Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick in True Monica.

Urban Decay’s Obsessed Lipstick is a bright baby pink, that is super flattering.

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Tulip is a show stopping magenta, for all you bold ladies out there.

This lipstick is a true blood red color, NARS Fire Down Below Lipstick.

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