Nails Inc. is known for being a little outside of the box. So when I heard they were releasing gel polish this fall, I was a little confused. Gel manicures are nothing new, and it seemed a little strange that they would release something so mainstream. It turns out, the polishes are actually a gel effect, as in you don’t a UV lamp at all. Sign me up! 

While they won’t last as long as a professional gel mani, Becoming Gorgeous relayed that if you apply the Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat ($10) over the gel effect polishes, you’ll get glossy, chip free nails for a full week.

The Nails Inc. Gel Effect Polish will come in the shades Bond Street (a violet), Kensington High Street (a mulberry), and 2 of their current best-selling shades: Porchester Square (a muted grey) and St. James (a classic red). Rumor has it that they are launching the polishes sometime this month! [via She Finds]

I love quirky nail art, but I just can't do textured nails, so this gel effect polish is definitely something that I want to try!

What do you think of this new polish? Would you try it?