A couple of months ago, my mother (a chef) accidentally burned her eyelashes when a giant flame lightly flashed across her face. She was not harmed, but her poor eyelashes were burned to bits. She had never really had full eyelashes or eyebrows, but I scoured the Internet for ways to lengthen both hers and my own eyelashes.

My mom told me that she had asked her doctor for any lash lengthening serums, and he told her about Latisse, but said it could potentially make her beautiful, bright blue eyes brown. She said a big “hell no!” to that and starting applying fake eyelashes everyday. She was not very good with the application process, and I would usually find one of her falsies on her cheek. Recently, she has nixed the falsies and tried neuLASH Serum. Although it’s expensive, mostly mixed reviews have had good and bad luck with the product.

I have seen many beauty bloggers talk highly of castor oil for lash growth. While scrolling through The Beauty Department, I saw the suggestion for the natural lengthening yet again, and I’ve decided to give it a go.

Lovelies, have you ever used castor oil on your lashes? Have you ever used Latisse or Neulash?

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