True story: A few years ago, I woke up horribly late for work and as I was frantically blow-drying my hair, my blowdryer died. It was a nightmare, for sure. Since then, I've made sure to take very good care of my appliances and haven't had any problems since.

If you're wanting to make the most out of your hot tools, here are a few ways to ensure they'll last a while:

If you purchase a blow dryer with a removable back with a lint trap, make sure to clean it frequently. This trap will become very dirty within about 2 weeks of daily use, and you'll want to use a Q-tip to remove the lint. If the lint builds up, the blow dryer is likely to overheat and possibly break.

Keep your appliances away from the edges of countertops and sinks. While it seems easy to keep it nearby as you're styling, it can potentially fall and break.

Clean your curling iron barrel or flat iron plate about once a month with rubbing alcohol and a washcloth. Product build up on a curling iron or hot tool is no good. A lot of people don’t even think about cleaning their hot hair tools, but that crusty brown gunk will cause excessive dryness to your hair and can even cause a slight yellowing on blonde ends. Product residue will remove easily with alcohol while the iron is cool. Someone asked me if they could shampoo off the residue – answer is no. You never want to submerge the barrel of your curling iron in water (plugged in obviously, but not even unplugged.) There are small cracks that can get water in them and cause rusting or coil damage. [via The Beauty Department]

Don't wrap your cords around the barrel of iron — it can cause the wire to short out over time. Instead, wrap the cord in a circle and secure it with a hair tie or rubber band.

How do you care for your hot tools, Lovelies?

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