Here at Lovelyish we certainly do love a good pony, and in our opinion, the longer the better. It takes a huge length of hair to make a substantial ponytail, and that's something that most of us don't have. That's why I'm so stoked on this two-second ponytail lengthening trick!

This hair works best on hair that's already medium to long and a little wavy. If your hair's not wavy, you may want to curl it first, or add in a little beach wave with a sea salt spray.

Using a standard hair elastic, pull half of your hair to the top of your head as well as the hair from behind your ears, as pictured above. This creates your initial ponytail as well as concealing what you're about to do next!

Secure the remainder of your hair with a smaller hair elastic and try to lay the second ponytail as close to your head as possible.

Fluff the top ponytail over the bottom one and voila! Check out your massive mane!

[via Free People]

Personally, I like doing the initial ponytail a bit lower than this tutorial shows. When I do it that high, I look a little crazy! I definitely do get some great length from this ponytail trick, though.

Lovelies, what tricks do you use to make your hair appear longer?