Heat + humidity + sweat + sunscreen + makeup = breakouts! Thanks summer! I’m certainly not complaining, I love summer, but there are definitely seasonal steps that need to be taken to avoid summer skin disasters!

1. No matter how oily, hot, sweaty or sticky, you really have to moisturize your skin. If you skip moisturizer, your skin will try to compensate for it’s lack of hydration by overproducing sebum, which can lead to breakouts. Use a lightweight, water-based gel formulation, and your skin will stay hydrated and happy!

2. Don’t skip exfoliation! Exfoliating once or twice a week should be a year round beauty routine staple. It’s especially important in the summer months: if you have a bunch of dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin, they’ll mix in with all the oily, sweaty goodness, get in your pores and  cause acne. Yum!

3. While moderate sun exposure using sun protection is great for your skin, overexposure can cause inflammation, irritation and breakouts. Make sure you are using and reapplying sunscreen when you’re outdoors, and take breaks in the shade every now and again!

4. Due to dirt, sweat and product, hair is a huge breakout culprit, which is especially exacerbated during summer months. Make sure to keep your hair away from your face on hot, sticky days!

5. As always, diet plays a huge role in the health of our skin. Make sure you’re getting enough protein, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding salt, refined sugar and processed foods! [via Birchbox]

Lovelies, how do you avoid breakouts during summer? 

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