If you gorgeous ladies are anything like me, I freak out right before a date. I've had the perfect outfit planned for a week and a half, visualized my hairstyle and replayed my dream night over and over again in my head. Everything should go perfect and according to plan. But there might be one tiny beauty blunder you’re a little unprepared for…how to keep your lips colorful (and kissable) throughout the night. The last thing you want to worry about when you're on a date is your makeup. While your eyeliner and mascara will most likely stay in place (unless you're going snorkeling or something) your lipstick has magically disappeared off your lips and onto the rim of your wine glass. But kissable lips are easy to maintain once you know the secrets. Pucker up and check out my five tips to sultry, kissable lips!

Exfoliation is key

Exfoliating is key to removing dead skin cells from all over your body and face, and your lips are no exception! Keeping your lips smooth and flake-free provides a smooth surface for your lipstick/lip gloss to glide on easily. I usually use the same exfoliator that I use on the rest of my body, St. Ives Apricot Scrub or I make a DIY sugar scrub using brown sugar, a splash of honey and milk. Forgot about your lips until minutes before your date? Wet your toothbrush and glide it over your lips in a circular motion. Make sure you follow up with chap stick or lip balm to keep retain moisture and keep your lips from becoming dry and flaky all over again. I usually put on chap stick every morning and just before I go to bed, as well as whenever I need it during the day.

Shape up your lips with liner

Most women I know think liner has become obsolete and isn't necessary when wearing lipstick. I completely disagree. A good liner (one that matches the color of the lipstick completely) adds shape and definition to your lips. It also prevents your lipstick from feathering later on. If you can't find a liner that matches your lipstick, opt for a nude pencil or a hue that matches your natural lips.

Tint before you paint

To keep some color on your lips instead of your champagne glass, use a lip tint or stain to both amp up the color of your lips, as well as to provide a smooth surface for your lipstick. A lip tint will essentially “stain” your lips, so even if you are eating and drinking throughout the night, there will be some color on your lips at all times. Stains also work really well after your lips are exfoliated, so remember to exfoliate!

Color me beautiful

After your lips are prepped, lined, and tinted, go ahead and apply your lipstick color. Just continue to make sure that you are using uniform shades through the process so that you aren’t getting a mixed, mucky hue. Some lipsticks last better than others…Elise's post about her favorite lipsticks match up with a bunch of mine. I also really like the Maybelline Color Senational Lipcolor because the color goes on exceptionally well and lasts for an incredibly long time. Look for an upcoming post about the Lovelyish team's favorite red lip colors!

Seal it with tissue

Your last step for getting smooch-certified lips is sealing the deal. After I've applied my lip color, I blot my lips once with a tissue, and then reapply my lipstick. Maybe it's the OCD in me, but it make my lipstick last longer. Another trick I've discovered: after you have applied your lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips and lightly dust translucent powder over the tissue. The powder will ever so lightly fall on your lips through the tissue, and it will set your lip color the same way it sets your makeup when you use it on your face. [via Lauren Conrad]

Lovelies, what are your tips for kissable lips?

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