Summer is here to stay — or at least until August — which means whether we like it or not, we'll be more than likely showing a lot more skin this season. You can probably tell that here are Lovelyish are a bit skincare obsessed, but now that we're dawning our shorts, sandals and swimsuits, it's time to pay as much attention to the rest of our bodies as we do our face!

1. Keep It Short In The Shower

Obviously, we need to keep clean, but it's important to keep showers as short as possible! While it has the added bonus of saving water, reducing your exposure to hot water can keep it from getting dehydrated and stripped of it's natural oils.

2. Moisturize Pronto!

Once you conclude your super short shower, waste no time putting on your body oil or lotion. Your body absorbs and retains moisture the best while it's damp!

3. Scrub-A-Dub!

To keep your skin looking picture-perfect and polished, make sure you exfoliate from head to toe once or twice a week! When you're properly exfoliated, any and all moisturizing products will penetrate your skin much better!

4. Don't Shy Away From SPF

I think we've basically pounded it into your head already that you need to be using sun protection on your face, but don't forget your body! Your neck, chest and hands show signs of aging as quickly as your face, so make sure you put sunscreen on them too.

5. Exercise!

Not only will regular exercise make you feel the most comfortable in your skin, but it also improves circulation making the skin all over your body look healthy and glowing. [via All Women Stalk]

Lovelies, do you have any tips on keeping the skin all over your body looking beautiful?

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