We've all had that happen before — you walk out of the nail salon with a perfect mani/pedi, only to find out that you smudged the top of your pinky nail on the way out! Definitely not the best feeling. And unfortunately, I'm one of those lucky women who smudge their nails all the time. Great. Luckily there's a way to fix a smudged nail, and it's a whole lot easier than you may think.

All you really need are three things: nail polish remover, the nail polish you used for your mani/pedi and a topcoat. If you can't get the original polish you used at the salon, try to find something similar to avoid having to re-do your entire manicure. SO much more effort than I'd ever be willing to put in.

  1. First, dip your finger or a q-tip into an acetone-based nail polish remover and smooth it lightly over the smudged area of your nail to create an even surface. If you don't want to dip your entire finger, gently dab it directly on the ruined part of your nail.
  2. Next, either find the same polish color you used or a similar hue and paint back over the smudged area. You want this layer to be thick enough that you can’t see through it, but not so thick that it stands out from your other nails.
  3. Finish with a topcoat to smooth everything out. (I usually put two layers of polish over mine before I use the topcoat, but it's completely your preference!)

And there you go! Your nails are just as gorgeous as when you walked out of the salon twenty minutes ago. Pure and simple. Somehow I always manage to smudge my nails every single time I do them...they also end up chipping off within a couple of days! (So annoying.) It's a wonder they even manage to stay completely on for even a single day.

Do you ever suffer from a smudged nail, Lovelies? How do you fix it?

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