Goopy moisturizers and melting eyeliner?! No thank you. Some women may be able to go au naturale during the summer, but I am definitely not one of those women. Here's how to keep your makeup looking pretty and avoid a meltdown no matter how muggy it is outside.

One of the first areas to get hit with the summer heat are the eyes. After applying eyeshadow, eyeliner and going back in for your second coat of mascara for that gorgeous big-eyed look, half your makeup is already in a puddle on the floor and your eye looks like a raccoon's. The key is avoid smudginess is layering.


Liner: For the warm summer months remember: power, wax liner, gel. Start by shaping your eyes with an eye pencil, and then go over the lines you've made with gel liner. (the gel locks everything in and it's much easier to take off at the end of the night than pencil!) Make your eyes appear bigger and brighter by lining your waterline with a mint green, shimmery brass or even brown, any neutral shade that's lighter than your skin tone will highlight your eyes.

Lid Prep: Apply powder as a base onto the eye area before any eyeshadow or mascara. The powder absorbs the oil around your lash line, allowing the mascara to glide on easier!

Summer is all about having fun and experimenting with color; try a colored mascara to compliment your eyeshadow!


Cleanse: The key to avoid having a cake face is to make sure your skin is smooth and clean. Cleansing before you put on your makeup removes dirt and pore clogging bacteria from your face, leaving you fresh and ready for foundation!

SPF: SPF is important EVERY season, not just when the sun is directly on your face. UV radiation can still penetrate your skin even if it's cloudy outdoors. Look for sunscreens that are light, oil-free and noncomedogenic to protect your skin without weighing it down. Follow it with a gel based primer to really lock everything on your face.

Foundation: Summer time is all about appearing natural. No one wants to walk around with a face dripping of liquid foundation, so opt for a BB cream! BB creams are basically a slew of products all rolled into one, usually SPF, moisture and coverage — no need to walk around with four different types of foundation anymore! It's not like the pockets of your cut offs can hold all that stuff anyway.


Because of the intense amount of sunlight streaming down on your beautiful face during the summer, it's even more important to protect your locks — salt water from the beach and chlorine from the pool will wreak damage on your hair. Yuck. Try to use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner to avoid product build up and remove sweat, dirt and oil. Summertime also means avoiding heat styling, so get rid of your curlers, straighteners and hair dryers or use them sparingly. Embrace your natural texture — you Lovelies have better things to be doing during the day anyway! [via Yahoo!]

And now that we've covered melt-proof applications, be sure and check out our post on melt-proof product suggestions!

How do you Lovelies avoid a makeup meltdown?

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