Acne plagues so many people. It's difficult to find the solution, especially because the process really is a blend of trial and error and consulting with a dermatologist. But, someone high up in the beauty ranks claims hypnosis cured her acne. Can it be true? And does it really work?

Carol Shaw, the founder of popular cosmetics brand Lorac, suffered from acne for a large chunk of her life. She credits hypnosis as the main solution to her skincare woes, along with routine microdermabrasions. Her hypnosis process was simple. A mix of self affirming mantras and envisioning perfect skin helped her achieve it. [via Refinery 29]

I'm not really buying it. Imagining things can only take you so far; you have to actually do something. To an extent, Shaw did seek out skin treatments. But she also decided to start a makeup brand to cover the imperfections. Maybe the next time I'm having a terribly bad skin day, I'll close my eyes, wish for perfect skin and click my heels three times. But until then, I'll stick with my topicals and spot treatments.

Would you try hypnosis to cure acne, Lovelies? Do you believe positive thinking has that kind of power?

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