As a Hello Giggles enthusiast, I'm no stranger to Zooey Deschanel's appreciation for nail art. Not only do they feature a favorite manicure every day, but Zooey also features her own manicures from time to time, as well. I'm also totally in love with She & Him's new album, Volume 3 — it will definitely be on heavy rotation this summer. But did you know that you can buy Zooey's nail decals with the album? 

She & Him recently collaborated with Rad Nails to create limited edition nail decals to match the cover of Volume 3:

I personally love nail decals — they allow me to rock a great design on my nails in almost zero time, and I never have to worry about smearing all of that hard work or waiting for it to dry! I'm also a sucker for pastels and anything with a '60s vibe. I'm kicking myself for downloading the album instead of purchasing it. I may have to gift this album to a friend that's in need of some sweet summer tunes and pocket the nail decals for myself (I know, I'm a great friend). And honestly, I'd love to see more Zooey nail decals — I'm sure they would be really cute and creative!

The decal set is free when you get the album from Merge Records using the coupon code NAILS.

What do you think of these nail decals, Lovelies? Would you like to see more Zooey Deschanel/Rad Nails nail decals?

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